Google Chat

How to send notifications about new questions to Google Chat room.

In order to setup integration with Google Chat, you need to:

Define an incoming webhook in Google Chat’s room

From the chat room menu select Manage Webhooks


Then, you should see a form used to create new webhook (you’ll need to click Add another if you already have some webhooks defined). Type webhook’s name and press save


Created webhook should appear on a list of all webhooks defined for this room. Copy link of this webhook, we’ll need it in next step


Connect Confluence space to Google Chat room by using previously created webhook

Now with webhook created, we can continue to the next step which is Confluence space configuration. Open Community Questions space settings of space you’d want to connect. Press Connect to Google Chat button


Paste webhook and click Connect


And that’s all! You should now get notification about new questions to your Google Chat room, similar to one below:



All organizational units in your domain need to have bots enabled, otherwise Google Chat notifications won’t work. Read more


Cannot create webhook

Users need to have Allow users to add and use incoming webhooks permission in order to be able to create webhooks. Read more about it in Turn on incoming webhooks in Chat section.


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