Getting started

Get started fast with installation and app configuration

After installation, you should see new Questions section in both global navigation and in sidebar on every space. Global questions are stored in new space which Community Questions for Confluence app created.

Questions section on global level (or Apps menu in new navigation UI):

Questions section on space level:

If you don’t see these Questions sections, then go to settings page and check that you have both Global Questions and Space Questions enabled:

Enable Questions only for selected spaces

If you turn off global “Space Questions” settings, then you can enable questions for individual spaces only. In order to enable questions for a space, go to Space Settings > Content Tools > Questions tab.

You will see new Questions section after you refresh the page:

Hide Questions for selected spaces

You can hide Questions from space navigation by hovering over and clicking Edit button next to the Apps section header:

And then on the toggle:

Working with questions

Community Questions for Confluence enforces some rules that are worth to know:

  • Questions and answers cannot be upvoted by their author,
  • Only question author can mark some answer as accepted,
  • Only author can edit his/her questions and answers,
  • Space admins can delete all questions and answers.


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