Release notes

Latest changes to the application, in chronological order.


CSV import

  • Added possibility to import questions from CSV file. Learn more

UI improvements

  • Improved UI of question/answer votes
  • Improved UI of accepted answers

Bug fix

  • Fixed being unable to create Slack connections in certain space permissions configurations

More filtering options

  • Added ability to filter questions with "no accepted answer"
  • Added ability to filter questions "asked by me"
  • Added ability to filter questions "watched by me"

Tag icons

  • Added ability to add icon to tags. These icons will be then displayed next to the tag name in various places. Learn more

Watching tags

  • Added ability to watch tags to get email notifications about questions related to specific topics. Learn more

Global tags


Sort questions by views

  • Added sorting questions by the number of views (mostly viewed questions will be on the top). Learn more

Displaying created and edited dates

  • Displaying date when question/answer was created
  • Displaying date when question/answer was last edited
  • Learn more

Content editor: inserting statuses

  • Added ability to insert statuses in questions and answers content. Learn more

Home page widget

  • Added Questions widget to display recently asked questions on Confluence Home view. Learn more

Content editor: inserting emojis

  • Added ability to insert emojis in questions, answers and comments. Learn more

Watching all spaces

  • Added ability to watch all spaces to get email notifications about new questions asked anywhere in any space. Learn more

Watching space

  • Added ability to watch space to get email notifications about all new questions posted in it. Learn more

Displaying questions from all spaces

  • Added ability to see all questions from all spaces in global questions view (can be enabled/disabled). Learn more
  • Added easy way to add missing addon permissions (new Add permissions button added on insufficient permissions info message)
  • Improved UI of user profile pages (they look better), introduced minor UI improvements in many other places
  • Improved error message when the user tries to open a question without proper permissions
  • Fixed opening some types of attachments

Search improvements

  • Added searching questions and answers content, highlighting relevant phrases in search results. Learn more

More Slack/Google/Teams notifications options

  • Added sending notifications also for answers and comments (if enabled)
  • Added sending notifications also questions with selected tags (if enabled)
  • Learn more

Sharing question

  • Added 'share' button to give users ability to easily share question. Learn more

Tags tab improvements

  • Added sorting tags by name, popularity or number of tagged questions
  • Added searching tags by title
  • Added list mode of displaying tags (displaying them in a grid)
  • Learn more

Related Questions, smaller improvements

  • Displaying questions with similar tags (called related questions) when opening particular question. Learn more
  • Added paging to tags list - 'load more' button will be visible if you have more than 48 tags
  • Fixed bug when tags couldn't be found when creating new question in some scenarios
  • Fixed user profile page failing to load in some scenarios
  • Fixed Microsoft Teams webhook validation (new webhook format has been introduced by MS)
  • Fixed upvoting questions not working in some scenarios
  • Added clear message when someone has not sufficient space permissions to view a question

Question views

  • Added displaying questions view count on questions and question details pages. Learn more

Contributors, reputation points and user profiles

  • Added earning reputation points by users when their questions/answers has been upvoted and/or accepted
  • Added Contributors/Users tab displaying active users and their reputation points
  • Added user profiles with user activity, top answers/questions and reputation points
  • Learn more

Microsoft Teams integration

  • Added ability to automatically send Microsoft Teams notifications about newly asked questions. Learn more

Slack/Chat notifications configuration redesigned

  • Redesigned UI of app notifications configuration
  • Added support for multiple app connections of same type (e.g. multiple Slack connections). Learn more

Similar questions

  • Added showing list of similar questions based on your questions title when asking new one. Learn more

Further notifications improvements

  • Added receiving e-mail notifications when answer was accepted
  • Added receiving e-mail notifications when question/answer commented

Notifications improvements

  • Added receiving e-mail notifications when question or answer upvoted. Learn more
  • Added ability to unwatch questions/answers

Watching questions and other improvements

  • Added ability to watch questions for all users (to get notifications about new answers and comments, previously only question author could watch their question). Learn more
  • Added link to global settings in a dropdown on questions page (visible for site admins)
  • Replaced app logo with new one

Redesign of voting experience and other improvements

  • Replaced existing voting widget by "Upvoted by" bar displaying number of upvotes and upvoters' avatars
  • Changed app's name to Questions and Answers Community
  • Removed beta version information from app header
  • Improved UI related to displaying avatars and comments' action buttons
  • Learn more

E-mail notifications and mentions

  • Added mentions: Users can mention others in question/answer/comment content. Mentioned users will get e-mail notification
  • Added sending e-mail notifications to question's author when question has been answered
  • Learn more

Google Chat integration

  • Added ability to automatically send Google Chat notifications about newly asked questions. Learn more

Slack connection and voting improvements

  • Slack channels list is now searchable,
  • Fixed problem with some channels not visible if number of Slack channels is more than 100,
  • Upvoting/unvoting: improved performance, stability and error handling

Various improvements & fixes

  • Fixed connecting to Slack from Safari browser
  • Displaying clear message for user with insufficient permissions trying to see questions in space
  • Improved performance of "load more" questions button

Searching, sorting and filtering questions

  • Added searching questions by title
  • Added searching content of questions and answers by redirecting to advanced search
  • Added filtering questions: show all or only unanswered questions
  • Added sorting questions: show latest questions or ones with most votes first
  • Learn more

Various improvements & fixes

  • Fixed editing tags with empty description
  • Improved loading time of question page by 0.5s
  • Added max length validation for question title (maximum 230 characters allowed),
  • Fixed opening links included in question/answer/comment content,
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge browser


  • Added ability to label questions with tags. Learn more

Content editor: inserting panels

  • Added support for inserting panels to the question or answer content. Learn more

Additional global settings

  • Added new global setting: enable space questions for all spaces. Learn more
  • Added creating Global Questions space automatically on fresh installs or when enabling global questions first time

Slack integration

  • Added ability to automatically send Slack notifications about newly asked questions. Learn more


  • Added support for attaching files and images to the question or answer content. Learn more

Initial release

  • Released initial app version to Atlassian Marketplace
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